Brian Oakley 2014 Person of the Year

Image_002What an event! The Marriott Hotel banquet room was filled to capacity for the 29th Person of the Year Award Dinner, held on Friday, May 2, 2014 in honor of Judge Brian Oakley. Bill Kren, Executive Director of the Romulus Chamber of Commerce, served as emcee for this gala event.

After a warm welcome, he shared a few words on the significance of the award. “You know, some people start out their careers with the dreams of winning their professions top honor, like an Academy Award for movies or a Noble Peace Prize in literature or entering a Hall of Fame … in the community of Romulus we believe the most prestigious honor is the Romulus Chamber of Person of the Year award! Kren shared the history of the honor, mentioning the very first inductee, Bill Simons (who was represented by his daughter, Lynn Conway). A number of previous Persons of the Year honoree’s were also in attendance. Standing as their names were called, Dan Bales, Bill Crane, Harlan Whichello, Ron Hopson, Maria Lambert, Linda McNeil, Mark Lewkowicz, Julie Allison, Rick Perry and Pat and Lynn Ostrowski were recognized with a warm applause.

Judge Oakley was invited to the podium and was presented with a number of awards and proclamations. First up was a framed proclamation and congratulations from Governor Rick Snyder, State Senator Hoon-Young Hopgood, and State Rep. Doug Geiss. Romulus Mayor LeRoy Burcroff declared May 2nd as Brian A. Oakley Day. Mayor ProTem John Barden presented the Judge with a City Council Resolution that congratulated and praised Oakley on his many accomplishments.

The last award, a beautiful wood plague engraved with words of appreciation, was presented to Judge Oakley by Mark Lewkowicz, Vice-President of the Romulus Chamber and Chairman of the Person of the Year Committee.

The evening ended with remarks from Brian’s daughter, Cheyenne Oakley (pictured right), his sister Sheila Stasak and his wife, Suzanne.

It was a “two hour extravaganza” as one attendee aptly described.

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